There Is Still Time To Get Your Roof Fixed Before Winter Starts!

If you’re worried because your home has missing shingles, the roof leaks, or there’s other damage overhead, take heart: there’s still time to have your Plymouth roofing contractor perform needed repairs or even full roof replacement before the snow flies. While there is obviously a little variation from year to year, the first snowfall in our region typically happens the second to third week in November. That means the next four weeks are prime time to have missing shingles replaced, leaks fixed, and to strategically consider when to schedule needed roof replacement jobs.

If you’re not sure of your roof’s current condition, go outside and check it out. You’re looking for any areas that look like they’re drooping or sagging, as well as any wavy areas. These signs can indicate larger issues caused by moisture consistently penetrating the roof’s surface and damaging the structure below.

Missing shingles can due to excessive winds or other extreme weather events. Sometimes shingles are missing because they’re so old they’ve deteriorated and are beginning to simply fall apart. In these instances your Plymouth roofing contractor will consider the condition of the shingles, how much of your roof is affected, and make repair or replacement recommendations accordingly.

Leaks can not be tolerated. During the winter, we know there will be snow. This snow can and will melt, creating additional moisture beneath your roof shingles and even inside your home. This can contribute to mold and mildew growth, as well as causing important rafters and joists to rot. Fixing smaller roofing issues is always more affordable than fixing large ones. Act promptly and call your Plymouth roofing company if you see any leaks at all.

Most minor roof repairs can be accomplished in only a few days. Larger repairs and roof replacement jobs obviously take longer. Make good use of what time remains before the snow starts to fly to get your home’s most important covering taken care of!