Protect Yourself By Choosing a Professional Roofing Contractor

“When my husband told my Father we needed a new roof, I just cringed,” Mary said. “Because I know my Dad. He’s going to want to call my brothers, get them to come up here to Plymouth, and in the space of one weekend, fix our roof.” She sighed. “Dad means well, but I have to be realistic. If one of my brothers falls off of my roof and hurts himself, all of a sudden I’ve got a huge issue I don’t want to deal with. And I’m not saying my brothers are particularly clumsy, but one of them did manage to wreck their ankle in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese.”

Homeowners who want to protect themselves are better off choosing a professional roofing contractor than depending on family and friends to help them fix their roof. Professional builders carry insurance to protect themselves in case of a worker getting injured; additionally, they’re mandated to follow all safety best practices.

Another reason to choose a professional roofing contractor is that you’ll get the job done right. “My Dad is always busy,” Mary said. “So when a job has to be done, he’ll rush through it. And that means mistakes get made. I don’t want those mistakes being made on my house.” Bear in mind that a professional roof replacement can take between two weeks to a month, depending on the size and condition of your roof – significant damage can extend that timeline even further.

Your home is one of the largest purchases you make in the course of your life. The quality and integrity of your home depend on a strong, reliable roof that can protect it from the elements. Working with a professional roofing contractor means you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your new roof has been professionally installed – and you don’t have to worry about any relatives slipping and falling off your roof!